Kilimanjaro Charity Climbs

We take great pleasure in working with sponsors or groups of sponsors to facilitate specific educational scholarships in the Kilimanjaro region. Often, this takes the form of climbers grouping together to sponsor the educational costs of a child of a guide or porter they climbed with on Kilimanjaro.

Climb Kilimanjaro & Support Children’s Education in Tanzania

Interested in climbing Kilimanjaro and contributing to the local community? Consider partnering with To Return for your upcoming Mt. Kilimanjaro climb.  To Return is a 501 C 3 organization dedicated to enhancing education and support for porters and guides of the Mt. Kilimanjaro region by creating opportunities for continued connection between visitors and locals.  We offer scholarships to the children of Mt. Kilimanjaro porters to attend quality local schools along with providing opportunities for porters and guides to attend wilderness first aid courses to improve mountain safety. We also provide warm clothing and mountain equipment to the porters as part of our gear donation program.

More Details:

  • Infrastructure for fundraising to support education and/or gear donation including the ability for your supporters to make a tax deducible donation.
  • The ability to earmark the funds you raise for a specific objective or student(s). 100% of the funds raised are utilized for the defined purpose as To Return is a small, volunteer based organization with little overhead.
  • A custom fundraising webpage which includes your goal, photos, a tally of funds raised and updates of your progress on the mountain. See an example crowdfunding page.
  • The opportunity to visit a school, family or with the porters who you are supporting during your travels in Tanzania. Our director of operations can coordinate your visit after you climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro so that you can meet the students and porters who are impacted by your generosity.
  • Future updates on the impact of your fundraising and the progress of the students and porters supported.
  • Need help with travel planning? Our leadership team has climbed Kilimanjaro numerous times and can share tips and suggestions for the mountain. We can also recommend guide services both in the US and in Tanzania who can lead your climb and safari.


Success Stories

  • Happiness is among the first of To Return’s scholarship recipients. Her sponsors, Jim and Marlin were part of a group who climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and wanted to give back to the community. They choose to do so via a scholarship for Happiness whose father works on the mountain. Happiness continues to excel in school and extends her gratitude to the commitment of these Kilimanjaro climbers to education.
  • Rashidi is currently studying to be a guide on Mt. Kilimanjaro through the efforts and generosity of Jenny Fogel and her group of climbers. As a guide for International Mountain Guides, Jenny met Rashidi on Mt. Kilimanjaro. Team members contributed to a group fund for Rashidi to attend a one year training program in Arusha. Rashidi regularly updates To Return, Jenny and the team of sponsors with his progress.

  • Aimee set a goal of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro for her 30th birthday and raising $3,000 for children’s education in Tanzania. In addition to training for the climb, Aimee contacted friends, family and fellow climbers and asked that they support her endeavor. Her efforts were enormously successful in funding a student’s scholarship for several years. And she climbed Kilimanjaro!

Climb Kilimanjaro for Charity with To Return

Please contact us if you are interested in climbing Kilimanjaro to support children’s education in Tanzania.