Children’s Education

“Education is not a way to escape poverty – It is a way of fighting it.” – Julius Nyerere, former President of the United Republic of Tanzania

The Power of Education


The Power of Education

Our Response

At To Return, we recognize the power of education. Education is more than learning a skill or completing a class, it is a doorway into new potential, perspectives, and responsibility. While the challenges surrounding education can seem daunting, we’ve chosen to tackle it on the basic level: providing individual access to education. To Return’s Children’s Education Fund focuses on pairing sponsors with students to help fund the cost of a child’s education. This covers more than the tuition, which is theoretically guaranteed by the government for public institutions, but also the often insurmountable costs associated with schooling, such as transportation, books, and meals. This eliminates the day-to-day concerns of our students and allows them to focus on not only completing their education, but using it to advance themselves, their families, and their communities.

Success Stories

  • Laura lost her mother early in life. Her father was left to care for a young daughter while spending weeks away from home on Mt. Kilimanjaro as a porter. Lacking a safe environment for his daughter, he contacted To Return. A primary school student, Laura attends a private boarding school in Moshi, Tanzania through a To Return scholarship.

  • As a To Return scholarship recipient, Hillary attends an all boys boarding school in the Arusha, Tanzania area. His father is a guide on Mt. Kilimanjaro and he comes from a family with a strong belief in education. Hillary is soon to graduate from secondary school with excellent grades and dreams of attending a university in the United States.

  • Happiness is special needs student whose father was a porter on Mt. Kilimanjaro until leaving his family in 2010. Her mother contacted To Return in need of assistance with the cost of education. With a To Return scholarship, Happiness attends a vocational, boarding school where she studies to be a seamstress and is learning to care for herself. Happiness will graduate in late 2013 and will join a group of local seamstresses.

Get Involved

To Return’s lack of overhead and specific focus means that even a small contribution goes a long way towards supporting our Children’s Education Programs:

  • $25 – Uniform for a student for a year.
  • $50 – Books for a student for a year.
  • $100 – One month of education including transportation, food and tuition.
  • $1,250 – Average cost of a full-scholarship for one year.